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Vondom Faz Lounge Hocker-Chaiselongue

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Vondom Faz Lounge Chaiselongue
Faz lines arise from mineral crystallization; of its capricious play with light, surrounding us in a suggestive atmosphere of reflexes. The attractive movements of the lights and shadows generate a feeling of rhythmic and organic order, a refreshing illusion that enraptures a dream world of new realities.

FAZ Collection by Ramón Esteve.
Ramón Esteve, architect of the harmony, serenity, timelessness and the universality has created mineral and expressive shape that makes FAZ a design that contextualizes with the homes and installations. Atmosphere, encircling as a result of the happy combination of the material and light elements, so that the unique sensing would be its fusion. Their soul VONDOM lives themselves in the exclusiveness by the quality of the material that permits an exterior using even in the most exacting environments. The modularity of FAZ permits the consumers to adapt the furniture and flowerpots to their style and necessary without losing the harmony of this furniture set. FAZ is composed by a sun-lounger with auxiliary table, armchair, modular sofa and coffee table. Complete the collection with three flowerpots of different proportions that form a unit. The collection is available with excellent quality nautical or polyester cushion. The result is a work that transmits essence, that contains the complexity and the density of a resolved work until the extreme detail, whose end is the creation of places where desire to live

Maße (B × T × H)
  • 90 × 85 × 32 cm